New Challenges in Choosing Corporate Gifts

The nature of business gift-giving is changing not just the way companies engage with their public but is actually changing public relation investment and operations in the recent years. As competitive advantage continue to be redefined in the context of the saturated global market, there is a reason why the science of “giftology” is fast becoming a legitimate recourse of many companies in terms of improving not just their relationships with employee, partners, clients and consumers but also in terms of improving their over-all public identity.
In simplest terms, corporate gifts are just like any other gift. They are items of value which are given to a person as gesture of appreciation. For companies, corporate business gifts are usually expressions of appreciation for loyalty and patronage. And unlike normal gifts which are often more symbolic than practical endowments, corporate gifts are more functional items. That is, common corporate gifts are usually those that can be used regularly and routinely by those who receive them.
Due to this, many Singaporean companies exert significant efforts and spend considerable resources to provide employees, clients, suppliers, individual consumers and other business partners with the best kinds of Singapore corporate gifts and other giveaways that are both functional, symbolic and can help reinforce better public perception of the company, its brands, products or services.  
But considering the many functions of corporate gifts in the modern commercial world, finding the best kind of gift has become a bigger challenge than it was a few years ago.
In terms of price, it is not good corporate gift idea to go cheap. On one hand, cheap corporate gifts can save a company a lot of money but cheap mass produced items are often poor in quality and not durable or even aesthetically pleasing which is not good in building pleasant public impression. But at the same time, it is equally unhealthy to go for expensive corporate gifts in Singapore especially when talking about significant volume of items which usually translate to high cash outflow which will not directly result to profit or financial returns. In other words, going cheap is socially bad, going expensive is economically unhealthy.
The choice then boils down to balance and creative solutions. Again, corporate gifts in Singapore are often valued more for functionality then aesthetics so the important consideration in deciding on what gift to choose is usually simple. Going for average brands that are not cheap and has reasonably good quality offer value-for-money corporate gift ideas. Items such as calendars, table planners, personal organizers, shirts, coffee mugs, jackets, caps, pens, notepads, bags, USB, earphones, umbrella and an almost limitless list of simple items qualifies very common corporate gifts in Singapore because of their functionality and mid-range priced items may offer the best solution since they are not too expensive but can still offer relative durability which is an important especially for items that are used routinely.   
For decors and other corporate gifts that are meant to be for display, aesthetics is a major factor especially if the corporate gift item bears the company’s name and logo which they often do. Good packaging can augment the price of the gift items and helps improve its over-all sentimental value. These simply display items if pleasingly wrapped in novel gift boxes and well packaged presentation can be more meaningful since it shows additional effort on the part of the company. Family-oriented corporate gifts ideas in Singapore are also becoming good options. Premium corporate gifts items such as fruit baskets or home decors for the household signifies ‘values’ or ‘virtues’ and valuing of family is obviously a very common value that a company can share with any client, partner or employee without spending too much.