Research for Development

Education has been greatly accessible to a lot of people. Nowadays, different agencies as well as organizations assist in the proliferation of learning and in the pursuit of development.

What we have come to understand is that when it comes to development, we need to conceptualize ideas. Sometimes, when we get to realize something and write it on paper, we further get to understand different things better. And in between or among concepts, we get to see gaps that make for unsolved problems be it small or large scale.

When we do this, we are then encouraged to come up with solutions or to better understand a deeper cause to existence of things. When we are able to do this, we get to develop different projects, make new discoveries, and propose innovations  that would eventually make our lives better and easier.

Though it may be argued that conceptualizing research work is already a hard work in itself, when you talk about financing it, then it becomes a bigger consideration too. However, different agencies in the government has acknowledged the need to nurture a research culture in order for a society to flourish and maintain itself. But most of the times, financial constrictions affect how things get done.

With all these considerations, the government has finally came up with a good scheme and that is the bestowment of a research grant Singapore.

It is actually very inspiring that the government already has a so called Singapore research funding. What is more encouraging here is that though the different granting entities have set standards for different individuals who wish to apply for this, they are very considerate.

Imagine, if before research is exclusive, today,  the functionality as well as benefits of multi perspective studies is now being recognised.

People used to think that studies should be exclusive. This is because they believe that when studies are focused and guided by a particular set of guidelines, then it would be easier to finish it. Why? Because there is a plan. Though it can account for tons of research 
in particular fields and understanding of phenomena related to that sector or study, we cannot deny the idea that research of this nature may be a bit too narrowed down. If this is the case, as in most old researches, it would be difficult to identify the challenges or to predict trends related to that area. 

Nonetheless, if people from different fields are allowed to work together on a project, it can be assured that different points or aspects have been looked into and if ever there are gaps, would be addressed at once.

Some people think that this new strategy will be difficult, nevertheless, what they do not fully understand is that when people collaborate, which is the very important and impressive goal of a Singapore research grant, is they are able to share culture, learnings, and experiences that would not only make their research goals be met with ease and more inputs, but would help themselves grow individually too.